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Pest Control Specialists based in the Cape Town. Removing all types of pests including birds. Your safety is our priority. Cockroaches are our speciality.

Why are pests called “PESTS” ? Because that is what they really are.

Some look good while others look scary. Having a home full of cockroaches just feels dirty. Most pests thrive in a dirty environment. Most pests are themselves not dirty but they are carriers of other organisms which can be very harmful to your health. It is safest to keep your home or offices pest free. Some viruses are very serious if you land-up with an illness.

We operate the Pest Control business out of the City Bowl area in Cape Town. We will respond to phone calls, emails , SMSs & Whatsup. We are a favourite provider of Pest Control services. Our pricing is fair and we respond to urgent tasks. No job is too big or too small and we don’t do work which is life threatening to the client. If it is a difficult task then we ask the owners to vacate the premises until it is safe. We do prevention and protection and we try to remove rather than eliminate.

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We basically charge per hour so that you don’t get a random large sum cost. We will not take people for a ride. Our main aim is to retain customers. Qualified Cape Town based technicians are on call for 24 hours for the whole week to protect your business & home.

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Call us to discuss your problem with a qualified technician.

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We are competitive & we won’t charge unfairly.

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We cover all areas of pest control. We specialize in areas where pests are a danger to human health or safety.

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All our qualified operators are based in Cape Town and they have registered P-numbers. Talk to them to find the best solution.

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24hr Coverage

we can provide dedicated 24hr coverage

Cape Town Pest Control


A we attempt to respond to emergencies with 60 minutes


When you call us one of our experts will inspect your property and identify the pest(s). They will determine all areas that need to be covered.

They will then decide which chemicals to be used which is efficient and effective always trying to use something that is “green” and safe for people. If it is a toxic chemical the operator will explain the effects of the chemical and what the safety requirements are.

The operators have pest control training and certification and they will draw-up a quotation for you explaining the end result.
Assuming you accept the quote they will carry on with the task ensuring that everyone knows what is going to be achieved.

You may be asked to clear the premises for a certain amount of time. This may include humans and/or pets. They however will use techniques which prevent damage, exposure or contamination.
When complete they will provide you with a report and instructions of how to stop a re-occurrence.
You are dealing with a professional group of Cape Town people and if you are not satisfied with anything please feel free to contact us.




Cape Town Pest Control Services - Hitman is a Perfect Choice

The main problems found in businesses from poorly managed pests can lead to bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful to health. But, they can be solved by hiring a pest control company that offers guarantees with a specialized company. These complications can arise in any place but pests are often found more easily in the hospitality industry due to food handling, waste generation, and inaccessible spaces. The best solution of this issue is Hitman's Cape Town Pest Control services.

The problem of pests in places such as restaurants can lead to economic, image, customer losses, or even the closure of the premises in very serious cases. Deratization or disinfection on a regular basis is one of the best options to prevent the appearance of insects or rodents. Having a pest control service that makes regular visits to your company will allow you to always be protected and calm in matters of health and safety for your workers and clients.

Starting from these complications that we have told you, we are going to show you the advantages and why it is advisable to hire a professional Cape Town pest control service for your business.

Why trust a pest control company? Trust Hitman a Cape Town Pest Control company

Companies, like us, which are dedicated to the disinfection and inspection of possible sources of living organisms that may cause a problem for public health or for your business, have the tools to effectively prevent and get rid of these nuisances.

It should be noted that all our treatments for pest control are respectful of the environment and it will not be necessary to stop activity to carry it out. We can implement our products because they are not toxic to pets and people. It provides a competitive advantage to Hitman in terms of providing pest control services.

We know how important it is to eradicate pests in restaurants, bars, and in general any site dedicated to the hospitality industry to maintain a rigorous cleaning plan. Also, our exterminators and specialists will examine the place to offer you the fumigation or control program that best suits your problem.

Therefore, hiring a pest control service carried out by experts is betting on the safety, prevention, and reputation of your place. Hitman is a perfect choice as it has specialists in the field of pest control in Cape Town.

The advantages of the pest control services:

Having good anti-pest assistance, in addition to being supported by professional exterminators, is essential for commercial premises and there are great advantages of these services for the business:

- It allows you to improve the health conditions of your premises. Thorough cleaning is of vital importance in those areas of work and contact with food and customers. Cleaning your work area intensively, together with regular spraying to prevent the appearance of insects, will certify a safe space for your customers and workers. Hitman luckily has professional people at Cape Town Pest Control to help your business.

- Provides good food maintenance. Storage areas or workplaces where there is usually food are one of the foci where pests such as cockroaches, ants, or rats' nests and more are often seen. Having a disinfected place will not only save you financial expenses derived from food in poor condition, deterioration of utensils, cardboard, etc., but it will also prevent public health damage. Hitman’s Cape Town pest control services are designed to reduce your financial expenses.

- Give a good image to customers. Keeping your premises clean and with controlled pests will make a good impression on your consumers since it will be very difficult to spot any type of insect or rodent on your premises. A clean environment always encourages you to enter and return on another occasion. Our specialists are ready to help you out.

- Take care of your business brand. Just as giving a good image is important, the name of your company must also be taken care of. When a client enters the premises, when they leave it, they always speak for better or worse about her experience. With pest control for premises, you will have the peace of mind of having everything sanitized and that what they can say about your workspace will always be positive. An exterminator at your workplace means enhanced brand strength.

- You have the guarantee of pest elimination. Hiring this pest control service for your business is to guarantee spaces free of insects, bacteria, and rodents, ensuring that they will not reappear in the form of overcrowding in your restaurant. Ideally, from time to time, the company in charge of the inspection, carry out disinsection, deratization, and disinfection work to be free of those unwanted and harmful intruders. Hitman’s Cape Town pest control services guarantee pest elimination.

- Advice from professionals and experts. When you have a company specialized in this type of control, you will receive personalized advice. This always favors when it comes to maintaining a controlled workspace and provides extra security, you are not alone and you have support. You can contact Hitman any time for getting advice about pest control in Cape Town.

At pest-control.co.za, we are experts in offering you these services with a cleaning and disinfection program according to your needs. And we want to reach out to you so that you can count on us and guarantee pest control in your establishment. You can optimize your business with a preventive plan to avoid or solve unexpected pests.

Why hire pest-control.co.za? Because they are up with the best Cape Town Pest Control companies.

When we detect the presence of an insect or rodent, it is more common than it seems to find that it is already too late and to be faced with a plague that has invaded the property. You must have questions like is there any Cape Town pest control service near me? Yes, Hitman is there to make your place safe from pests.

Preventing diseases and avoiding damage to the property are perhaps two of the most important points to consider when hiring a pest control company. Many insects and rodents transmit different types of diseases and can cause harm to human health. In addition, depending on the type of plague that we find, the material damage in the property can be of all kinds, and even seriously affect the structures.

At pest-control.co.za, we offer Cape Town pest control service at an affordable price. We have the best resources, both material and human, to eliminate all types of insect and rodent pests. Do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you! Choose the best Cape Town Pest Control companies.

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