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Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatment

An age-old adage goes that “Looks or appearances are deceptive,” in this case, you may fall prey. Woodworms do not seem like threatening or causing severe damage to your properties, but they cause a lot of internal damage, and the little holes on your wood piece can destroy them as they eat them up and make them hollow. The structure, thus, lacks any concrete inner arrangement. They have a deficit of inner strength and end up crumbling down. Homes built of timber are prone to the woodworm attacks as these creatures can eat up the structure completely, much before your realization. Thus, your timber will collapse and rack your house.

What is Woodworm?

 Death Watch Beetle is a preferred name as these creatures are often heard to make noises in a room of absolute silence. Taken into more specific accounts, woodworm is not a species by itself. It is the collective name given to a varied range of wood-eating beetles when they are still on their larval stage. In this stage, they may resemble a worm and last up to 6 years. You should also know that the holes which you encounter in the pieces of wood are the evidence of a successful exit of a fully grown beetle.

The most frequently observed common beetles include the Common Furniture Beetle and the famous Death Watch Beetle. Although the species prefer to attack the wood of their choices, the methods of removal, more or less, remain the same! Pest control experts carry out the best possible measures to swipe these annoying creatures completely.


Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm treatment options depend largely on the size and location of the spot of infestation. A professional pest control technician is likely to understand the probable cause and time of the infestation before carrying out the treatment. Professionals prefer to use the instruments called the borescope to examine the spread of the infestation. They also see whether the woodworms have caused any damage to the wood piece or timber, which are unseen behind the walls, as they are covered. Spraying insecticides around the treatment area might be enough to eradicate them if they are in small numbers. However, in a severe case, fumigation is the only remedy to get back your lost peace of mind. Deathwatch beetles are mainly treated in the same fashion.

Preventing Woodworm

As earlier stated, woodworms are generally attracted to damp and moist woods, thereby, ensuring dry atmosphere and optimum humidity level is the most effective way to keep them away and achieve the solution. One can also use fly traps to solve this issue. Although it sounds strange, if one can kill the adult beetles before they can mate, their growth can be restricted. Hence, laying more eggs would not be possible. We suggest you ring up the woodworm treatment and avail services to help you find the perfect solution to your problem. They are the ones who would be able to decide the amount of significance that the case would need depending on the intensity of the infestation. Last but not least, you are not getting too late to decide anything since the infestation won’t take much time to spread!

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