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You will not want to share your room with a silverfish! Therefore, the best way to stay away from them is to avail of a control technique before they can damage your property. 

Looks like an Insect, Moves Like a Fish

The official title is "LepsimaSaccharina," but these tiny creatures are also recognized by the names of "The Carpet Shark," "Fishmoth," and "The Urban Silverfish." How does this silverfish move? Ever observed the way they locomote, it's in a swishing environment, and that's where they have got this name from! Silverfish were found even before the dinosaurs.  

Moreover, the adult silverfish are silver in color while the younger ones have got a white shade. The maximum length that they grow up to is not more than 2.5 cm or 1 inch. They are small but not invisible, though! It takes time to notice such an infestation because of their appearance, mostly in the dark. 

Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control Techniques

Before I actually start to state the silverfish control techniques, let me start by saying that the first and foremost thing you need to have is none other than perseverance and patience within yourself. Silverfish control procedure is quite difficult, and the prime reason is this creature sustains on almost anything and everything. From the crumbs of food on the floor to that of human dandruff. Moisture makes their habitat hostile. Therefore, it is vital to check that there isn't any leakage of the pile or high humidity surrounding since they may pave the way for the damp environment to get in! Getting rid of these creatures is quite severe since they can leave without food for more than a year. So, unlike the other pests, even if you keep your place clean and free from food crumbs, you will still see these creatures somewhere or the other. 

Another exciting thing that you may miss out is that silverfish are attracted to glue, so they can even breed on wallpapers and book bindings or photographs also if you avoid the damp conditions. Therefore, keeping the home dry is not just enough. They can still exist! One way out is to apply insecticides. Other than that, you can dump the old clothes and stacks of newspapers or magazines somewhere outside. In case you want to save a cloth or a book from the infestation, go for dry cleaning for the former one and seal the book in a plastic bag and store it in a freezer for a minimum of four days for the latter. 

Silverfish Removal

None of the infestations look or feel good. Do they? Well, if at all things aren't under your potentials, then call up a pest control expert to help you out. Other than that, all you can do is to keep your house neat and clean, extra dry, and free from scattered food crumbs or damp. 

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