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Rat Control & Removal

Rat Control & Removal

Rats and rodents are nasty indeed, and we have been hearing it since the time we used to read those horror stories! Indeed, you can check the population of some creatures all by yourself. Still, for infestation like rats or rodents, there's no other option in hand than to call up a professional and execute proper eradication procedure. 

How To Spot a Rat Infestation?

Rats are nocturnal animals; thus, it is quite evident that you will not see them very frequently since the time they are out of their holes is the time you get under that blanket. As a result, you see the symptoms of their existence, such as the rat droppings and chewed bits of furniture or wiring, will reveal their presence much before you get to see them. Deciding whether it was a rat or a mouse is, however, daunting. The most common way is to find out the tracks followed by a tail in dust over the floor. Mice infestation is indeed a serious issue, but at the same time, rats are even more dangerous. The worst thing about these rats is that their teeth are strong enough to chew through aluminum, and there remains a fear of the spread of several diseases. 

When you see smears on the walls, that's another way to identify their presence. It basically occurs from the oil on the rat's fur as they run their skin against the walls. You would certainly not like to encounter a rat, but in case if you do, be a little careful since this isn't a pretty sight either. Also, protect yourself so that they don't bite you. Getting bitten by a rat would welcome diseases as well as give you pain at the same time. 

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How to Get Rid of a Rat Infestation

The best way to get rid of rats is to ensure that they don't find any food source every time they take a visit to your place. Although these rats don't leave out anything and they can bite anything and everything, the essential thing that would need to sustain is none other than foods. Therefore, make sure that you store the foods inside the cupboard as well as keep away the bins and rubbish bags away. Rats usually do not prefer to thrive around neat and clean places. Thus, the cleaner, the better! Maintaining good hygiene is extremely important, and it can lower their population, at least to some extent. 

A few ways you can keep these pests away is by clearing the blocked drains on an immediate basis, maintaining a well-kept garden with all the bushes cleared, and removing the sources of water from the ground level. If at all, these things don't work, calling an expert in the left-out option you have! 

Poisoned baits could be a way out! You can keep a rat poison, and that is going to work for sure! However, you need to hold on your patience for at least 2-3 nights before it does its wonder. Consequently, it is vital to ensure that the kids are away from these baits. 

Know Your Enemy

A group of rats together is a "mischief," and you are sure to hate it. The "Common Rat" is the most regular form of rats found in Britain, and they have seriously made it a matter to bother over there. Rats generally have long tails and noses, meant for maintaining the body balance and temperature, and they haven't left anything to chew, be it cable wires or earphones. 

No matter how much you try, it is still difficult to control the population of these creatures! It is because each female rat produces six litters in a year, and they again give rise to half a dozen baby rats. Therefore, the best way is to keep food sources away from their reach and call a professional to carry out the control procedures and remedial steps as soon as you discover an infestation. 

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