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Mouse Control & Removal

Mouse Control & Removal

Have a control over the mouse infestation 

Although we love the cute look of a mouse, we want to avoid mouse infestation. These small furry creatures can carry diseases. What’s more, they can cause a nuisance in other ways. They can gnaw on your anything, like wood, electric wire, fabrics, and clothes. You have to take mice infestation seriously, and apply the best techniques for removing them from your house.

How to know that there is a mouse in your house

It is effortless to identify the mouse. Small eyes, big ears, and pointed nose- these are prevalent features of mice. Mice are also of varied species, and the two most common ones are house mice and wood mice. The wood mouse, with a light brown body, has a length of almost 5 cm. However, the size of the house mouse is slightly smaller with darker body color and smaller ears. It is easy to identify and distinguish them.

Every day, a mouse releases 60 to 70 droppings. To differentiate a young rat from a mouse, you have to look at the feet. The rats have slightly bigger feet. Undoubtedly, the adult rats are also larger.

You can find mice mostly during the daytime, as they are nocturnal animals, like cockroaches. They may not always leave signs of their presence. Until you find the damages to your property, you would not be sure of the mice infestation. Some of us feel an odd smell while there is a mouse in our house. The droppings of the mouse are of dark color, and you can notice them at any place. The mice can damage your plastic and rubber containers, cables, and furniture. These are also clear signs of mice infestation. When the mice have chewed on your wires, the electrical devices may be in danger. In some cases, mice try to find their shelter inside your electrical system. Thus, you can take the time to locate the mice in these places.

Techniques to control mice

Transmissible diseases are significant risks caused by mice. Mice have a habit of urinating and leaving their droppings at any site. They may also transfer salmonella, tapeworms, meningitis, and ringworm. Therefore, you must apply the best techniques for controlling mice.

Mousetraps are one of the most common methods for solving mice problems. The conventional style traps have a metal bar to break the back of the mouse, causing death to this creature. However, the modern traps provide you with much human solution. You can place the traps at a site adjacent to the walls. Then, you have to use bait, like biscuits, cheese, and chocolates. Once the system has trapped the mice, you can kill them in any way or take them out of your house.

Mice have a unique capability of leaping into the air up to 2 feet. Some of us use mouse poison from the hardware. Still, you may need to use the killing device and bait with this poison. Rodenticides and electronic repellers are some of the common choices to prevent rodent and mice infestation. 

Mouse Mesh Grills are also available in some stores, and they prevent the entry of mice to your house. You know that as mice have a soft body, you can pass through any small hole. That is why you may invest in these mesh grills.

However, while there are no food crumbs, mice can naturally leave your house. To get this result, you have to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Keep up the proper level of hygiene inside your home and in the surroundings of your property. Moreover, you have to make sure that there is no waste accumulation in your property.

Mice can grow and breed very fast. That is why you must not delay in taking the right step for eradicating the mice and other rodents. You need to hire a professional for controlling a large number of mice in your house.

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