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Mole Control

Mole Control & Removal

Moles in Garden or Lawn

The term pests remind us of the insects that invade our house. However, pests also include lots of other creatures. Thus, moles are also of this category. They can cause damage in different ways, and therefore, you must control the number of moles. Moreover, molehills can make the site ugly and affect the green grasses on the lawn.

How to control moles

An adult mole can eat almost 200 worms every day. Like any other pest control technique, moles have a special ability to remove the primary source of food. For instance, you can try to eradicate the earthworms. However, it may not be easy for you to find out other types of worms. Moles can pose a risk to your beautiful looking lawn.

One of the best solutions to prevent a mole is proofing. But, you may not be able to obstruct the site between a surface, revealing unnecessary soil and a sub-floor surface, working as the tunnel for mole. You may also install a grid, and then cover it with grass and soil. It is a costly choice for some lawn surface.

Sonic devices are available in the market for preventing the access of mole, and you have to insert these devices into the ground. These special devices are capable of creating vibrations that discourage the entry of moles. However, we have not found any scientific proof about the effectiveness of this method.

Mole Removal Cape Town

Techniques for removing the mole

Mole infestation can turn up at any place in your property, and it is not easy to control a vast property. To prevent damage from moles, you may look for the best pest control specialists. The professional team has the skills to manage the most effective mole removal process. They will ensure high success from this method.

There is another reason behind calling the pest control team. It is much tricky to trap a mole, and for this reason, the professionals apply innovative mole control processes to accomplish the job. Without skill, you may not be able to apply those processes. Most of the moles live underground. You need to know about the behavior and nature of moles to place your device in the right place. While the moles find that someone has interfered with their tunnel, they can escape instantly to save their life.

Gassing and other traps

We have already talked about a mousetrap. Now, you can invest in a mole trap. However, you must have the patience and skill to use this trap successfully. Install the system properly for trapping the moles. The location of your trap is one of the essential factors. Moles are not social creatures, and they remain isolated from each other. Still, there is a chance that other moles from neighboring sites can move fast to the vacant place.

The gassing technique is also effective in controlling mole issues. In this technique, you have to use aluminum phosphide at the proper place in the tunnel. This chemical composition needs to react with soil moisture for producing another chemical. You may apply this process while the burrows or tunnels are within 10 meters of your building.

We have already presented you with a number of techniques for mole control. Now, when you have no time to apply them, you may hire professionals to solve the problem within a few days. They will kill moles or let them leave your garden.

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