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Beetle Removal

Beetle control tips

Over 350,000 beetle species are present in this world. We are familiar with only 40% of them. As beetles are of different types, you may find difficulty in identifying the particular species. Some of these species may have infested your garden, office, or home. The presence of beetles affects the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. What’s more, they are not hygienic and may cause some damages. That’s why you need to apply the best technique for removing and killing beetles.

Let us have a look at the beetles, most commonly found in our properties.

The Carpet Beetle

The length of the smallest beetles is about 1 ½mm, while the longest one can be 4mm. It is not easy to identify the small beetle. By having a very close look, you can find black or brown spots with yellow or white markings. The larvae of these beetles can cause damage to your fabrics. Carpet beetles may also find their place under your rugs, carpets, and floorboards.

While the professionals start removing the carpet beetles, they focus more on your carpet to identify out where those pests come from. Some of these beetles also find their shelter in the nest of rodents. Thus, the best step is to remove the real source to prevent beetles from getting back to your house. You may apply residual insecticide near the window frames, under your rugs, and in the roof.

Larder Beetle

The Larder Beetle

Larder beetles are highly responsible for most of the damages to your property. They mostly do it while those insects are larvae. However, the infestation will come to your notice when those larvae turn out to be an adult beetle. Larder beetles are less than one centimeter in size, and you can find 6 black dots with a white strip on the head. The body of these beetles is dark brown.

We call these beetles as larder beetles, as they affect your dried beef, ham, bacon, and other foods. Moreover, metal, wood, and other solid environments are more preferable to these beetles. One of the best tricks for beetle removal is to spray the insecticide on crevices and cracks.

Wood Boring Beetles

Beetles have the potentials to communicate with sounds, pheromones, and vibrations. Wood-boring beetles or woodworm also affect your property while they are larvae. The life span of adult beetles is concise.

The food wastes are a major attraction to beetles, working as scavengers. Thus, by cleaning the food crumbs of your room, you may keep away from beetles. However, when there is already a beetle infestation, you can hire the professionals to apply the proper eradication technique.

Wood Boring Beetles

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