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Bed Bugs Removal Cape Town

Bed Bug Control & Removal

How to get rid of Bed Bugs

We can present you with various methods for managing the bed bug issues in your house. However, we think that the professional solution is best to ensure 100% eradication of these bugs.

Bed Bug Control

What is the source of bed bugs?

Since the 90s, we had been familiar with bed bugs. At that time, we used to apply insecticides for killing cockroaches, and those chemicals also cause the death of bed bugs. Now, it has become banned insecticides. Thus, it is not legal for hotels to apply those chemicals for controlling bed bugs. Any guest, having bed bugs in his clothes, can leave the bugs in the hotel room. In the future, other guests would turn out to be a victim. Hence, every time you return from any hotel, you have to wash your clothes, trolley bags, and suitcase thoroughly.

Life cycle of bed bugs- How do they thrive

From a nymph, a bed bug turns out to be an adult within 35 days. You can find them in your blankets, upholstery, bedroom furniture, crevices, cracks, mattresses, and any other site. Bed bugs prefer a hot or cold environment for survival. As we are breathing out carbon dioxide, our warm body attracts these bugs.

Bed bugs can take the blood out of our body for survival. In most cases, they start their work before dawn. As you are asleep, the bugs draw the blood. You will not feel pain or any other sensation from this act. The way in which the bugs do their work for injecting the numbing agent does not disturb your sleep. However, while this agent fades away, you will feel itchy. You can find red spots and rashes on the spot. The bugs do not transmit harmful diseases. Still, there is a chance to get an infection while you are scratching the part continuously.

What to do to remove Bed Bugs

The most crucial step is to hire a professional pest control team. Bed bugs can start spreading all over your house very fast. You need to remove the nymph and bed bugs entirely to prevent the chance of an infestation in the future. 

You may do lots of things to reduce the bed bugs’ effect on your house. While the professionals have removed the bugs, you need to apply some tricks to avert the risk of infestation any more. For instance, you have to keep the rooms and furniture clean. Cleanse the mattresses and upholstery regularly. Steam cleaning is the best technique for treating mattresses. Another option to you is to buy a chemical solution for killing bed bugs. However, some bed bugs can resist those chemicals. To get tips, you may speak to the professionals. The best pest control team treats every spot of your house to identify the bed bugs and kill them.

Bed Bug Control & Removal in Cape Town

Know the way of tracing the bed bugs

In some cases, it is not easy to find a sign of the presence of bed bugs. The bugs may bite you anytime. However, you would not be able to find the real source of those bugs. You can check out your bedcovers, mattress, and other places. Still, you cannot notice them quickly. Although those bugs are clearly viewable to our eyes, it is tricky to trace them out. The bed bugs are of gingery color, and their length is 5 millimeters. They always look for a place to hide. However, one thing that you can notice is the blood spot on beddings and bed cover.

While you are sure of the presence of bed bugs, you can hire the professionals to reduce their infestation.

Bed Bug Control Cape Town-Why is it important for your home or business?

Bedbugs are becoming an increasingly important problem. They spread quickly and are difficult to treat, making bed bug infestations more and more frequent. Bed bugs are nasty and unwanted intruders, whether it's in your home, hotel, or business. Hitman’s Bed Bug Control Cape Town services are designed to get rid of bed bugs appropriately.

Bed bugs stay close to their food sources, so they are usually found near a bed, hence the name "bed bug". All beds are at risk, for example, the beds in a hotel, with a large number of international travelers. Or, if you've traveled on your own, you can come back with bedbugs. Office chairs or truck seats can also pose a potential infestation risk. The question is what to do for their extermination?

The solution to this problem lies in better information on how to prevent a bed bugs infestation. Also, prompt action should be taken when the presence of bedbugs is noticed. The sooner the bed bug problem is detected and treated, the less likely you are to have a complete infestation in other parts of your building. Bed bugs are very difficult insects to eliminate and an approach by specialists in the field of bed bug pest control is an absolute necessity.

Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Control Cape Town

What exactly are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are crawling insects, parasites that feed on the blood of humans. Bed bugs are reddish (after a dark red blood meal), flat, and oval. An adult bedbug is 4-9mm, about the size of an apple seed. They are generally active at night and hide during the day.

Bed bugs are attracted to the human scent but only stay on their host during the bite. They then seek refuge in mattresses, seams, and cracks, behind wallpaper, ceiling edges, electrical outlets, and paneling. Bed bugs on mattresses is one of the most common places where they take refugee. Hitman Pest Control is a bed bug killer as it provides professional Bed Bug Control Cape Town service to its clients.

Recognize a bedbug invasion:
Can you recognize a bedbug infestation? Typical signs are:
- Bites: Visible red bites, usually grouped in groups of 3, linear in shape, accompanied by itching. To avoid confusing bed bug bites with a flea bite.
- Feces: Small dark stains on sheets, mattresses, bed frames, pillows and duvets, and anywhere near places where people sleep.
- Hiding places: in the bed, in the seams of the mattress, headboard, footboards, or bed frame. Or between door plinths, window frames, light fixtures, on wall decorations, curtains, tables, or chairs.
- Characteristic Odor: A foul, sweet odor, similar to the smell of almonds.

The risks:
Bedbugs live on the blood of humans and other mammals. Bed bugs can thus transmit diseases, although this is rare in our country. The biggest nuisance they cause is biting people.

However, a bedbug infestation can have major consequences. An invasion can cause dissatisfied customers, loss of reputation, and a financial cost. In addition, bed bugs can cause sleepless nights followed by anxiety and ultimately lead to depression. Hitman aims to save you from it by providing Bed Bug Control Cape Town service.

Bedbugs usually enter through clothing or furniture. The most common source of a bedbug infestation is staying in an infested hotel. Bedbugs or their eggs hide in clothing or suitcases and are then transported into homes.

If - while staying in a hotel, you discover any signs of bedbugs, such as drops of blood on the sheets or nighttime bites, take precautions before you bring your personal belongings home. Precaution is the first step in the bed bug treatment.

Consult with the hotel manager to assess the risks: it may be necessary to wash, fumigate or treat your clothes to ensure they are healthy.

The same precautions should be applied when transporting furniture: in case of risk, Rentokil can treat the furniture against bed bugs before bringing it home.

It can take weeks for a bedbug infestation to be detected. They hide well, only the bites are a conspicuous sign of their attack.

Impact of bedbugs:

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. Bedbugs sometimes transmit diseases. Rather, the main problem stems from the irritation and inconvenience caused by bed bug bites. It is frustrating and leads you towards thinking is there any bed bug pest control service near me in Cape Town and Southern Suburbs?

The bites are not painful but often very numerous and the irritations that the bites cause are very annoying.

Multiple bites and contact with bedbugs can also cause eczema or an itchy rash. Consult a pharmacist or doctor who will advise you on adequate treatment.

Don't spread the scourge of bedbugs:
If you are facing a bedbug infestation in the home, don't spread the problem through your clothes, suitcases, or furniture to family and friends, hotels, or public transportation. Bed bugs quickly infect adjacent spaces. React quickly in case of infestations, protect your neighbors. To combat them effectively, it will be necessary to call on a specialist bed bug killer such as Hitman.

Bed bugs: call the professionals:
The presence of bedbugs is unpleasant and difficult to fight. Impeccable hygiene, thorough cleaning, and the use of commercially available insecticides can help keep bed bug multiplication under control, but it will not be enough to eliminate the problem. To get rid of bedbugs, it is essential to call in specialists for the bed bug treatment.

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