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Ant Control

Apply the right tactics to control ants

You may think that you have maintained proper hygiene in your house. There is no chance of ant infestation. However, ant colonies are common to most of the households, and you can find them at the corner of your room or on the wall surface. The food crumbs, left on the floor by your young kids, are the sources of foods to the ants.

Ants are not scarring pests, and we do not bother while they crawl on our bodies. Moreover, ants are beneficial to nature. They break down the organic matter of soil, aerate the soil, and control the populations of other insects. These are some positive results, obtained from the presence of ants. However, the problem arises while those ants get into your house to crawl over your tabletop and countertop.

Throughout the world, there are more than 15,000 ants species. The bits of food found all over your house, is the major attraction to the ants. Although it may be easy to kill the ants, you will find other ant colonies coming back to your house after a few days. That is why it is essential to apply the most effective method for removing the ants from your house.

You may rely on the professional solution to keep away from ant infestation. The certified pest control team will visit your house and apply the specially formulated chemicals to solve the issue. Although you will find the best outcome from their service, it is essential to know ant control tips.

The smartest thing that you can do is to reach the source of ants. Thus, it would be best if you found out ant nest to have a better solution. While you have identified this nest, you may pour some hot water over it. Normal, cold water will keep the ants alive. Ants cannot endure the hot water. In most cases, the ant nest is identifiable at the sites, adjacent to the plant roots and in the cavity walls.

There is another trick for those who have not been able to locate the nest of ants. Maple syrup or sugary items can work as the trap for ants. Never forget adding the boric acid powder to the syrup. This will cause the death of ants. However, one of the distressing things is that these baits would attract several ants from the nearby sites.


Reverse the technique, applied in the game of chess

Have you ever played chess? The king in this game does not move around very much. However, you would win the game by killing the king. Now, while you are controlling ants, you have to find out the queen and kill her. It may not be easy to find her. Once you have found that queen, you will be able to put her to death.

The queen ants mostly hide in the deepest part of the nest. Interestingly, the hot water may not always be effective at killing them. Thus, the best option for you is to rely on the professional technique for the ultimate solution. One of the scientific facts is that male ants die after one to two days of mating with queen ants. You may also choose various other options to prevent those pests from winning the game. For instance, you have to maintain hygiene in your house and remove the food crumbs from your room. The pet bowls and sink must also be clean.

We have another option to create a trap for ants. Let the small pet bowl float inside a big bow, filled with some soapy liquid. This will trap the ants while they are getting across the water. You may have found that small crevices on your walls are full ants. You can seal up these places with caulking and kill the ants. Moreover, cornmeal is one of the best elements to kill these pests very quickly. This component does not harm your family members and other creatures.

Identify the rival ant-

In every ant colony, there are scouts, whose role is to identify the source of water and food. Then, they return to the colony to inform other ants about the source of water and foods. They create a scent trail, and the ants follow it to reach the right destination. In this case, your role is to remove those trails and kill the scouts. You may apply a bleach solution or soapy water for cleansing the sites near food. You can use Vaseline, chili powder, and other similar ingredients for preventing the entry of ants.

Surely, there is a difference between DIY pest control and a professional technique. The qualified professionals can distinguish the ant species and create the right scheme for removing the ants.

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